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Court Services

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Save a Trip to Our Office

Civil and family pleadings may also be placed in the drop box in the Main Courthouse, on the first floor by the elevators.

As Clerk Of The Circuit Court, The Clerk & Comptroller's Office Is The Service And Support Center For Palm Beach County's Court System

The Clerk & Comptroller’s office supports Palm Beach County’s criminal, civil and juvenile courts. We process, record and file court documents such as lawsuits, traffic tickets, divorce agreements, wills, domestic violence petitions and tenant evictions.

All court services are available at the Main Courthouse in West Palm Beach, and limited services are available at three branch courthouse locations throughout Palm Beach County. Many civil and criminal court records may be searched online.

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Circuit Civil Court

Circuit Civil handles lawsuits with damages of more than $30,000. The department also handles:

County Civil Court

County Civil handles lawsuits with damages up to and including $30,000. The department also handles:

Criminal Court

This division handles:


Electronic filing of court documents, or E-Filing, allows you to submit court documents electronically 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Evidence Guidelines

All exhibits that will be entered into evidence must be follow these guidelines.

Indigent Status

Applicants for indigent status are approved or denied based on the guidelines provided in Florida Statutes for indigent determination.

Jury Duty

Information about serving as a juror including when to report, directions, parking and more.

Self Service Center

The Self Service Center provides resources to those representing themselves in court.

Traffic Violations

Traffic ticket information including how to pay, civil traffic infraction payment plans, pleading not guilty and more.

Unified Family Court

All family-related matters are handled in one place, including: