The Main Courthouse is open, but temperatures inside the building are warmer than usual. If you need to conduct business at the Main Courthouse, plan for warmer-than-normal temperatures. You can also visit any Clerk & Comptroller branch location, or conduct your business online.


Face Coverings Required: Anyone entering a Palm Beach County courthouse or government building must wear a face covering. Learn more about our safety measures.


CARES Act Payments: See frequently asked questions about payments. 




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Save a Trip to Our Office

Civil and family pleadings may also be placed in the drop box in the Main Courthouse, on the first floor by the elevators.

County Civil Cases (Damages up to $30,000)

County Civil Court has jurisdiction over claims up to and including $30,000. A County Civil case is any civil matter that falls within the jurisdiction of County Court. Detail may be found in Chapter 34, Florida Statutes.


Registry fees are collected at time of deposit Pursuant to Florida Statute 28.24 (10). Payable only by certified funds – cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

  • First $500: 3%
  • Each additional $100: 1.5%.

Filing a Complaint

When filing a complaint, please be specific in the amount of damages you are claiming (i.e., damages are greater than $2,500, but less than $8,000 or damages are greater than $8,000, but no more than $30,000). This will assist the clerk in determining whether to file the claim as a Small Claim, in which a pre-trial date will be included as part of the Small Claims Summons, or a Civil Action, in which a standard 20-day summons will be issued.

It is important to include your name, address and telephone number on every document you file with the court.

Suggestion of Bankruptcy

When filing a Suggestion of Bankruptcy over the counter,  a Notice of Filing must be included.

Evictions (Landlord And Tenant Action)

Instructions for filing for eviction, also called a Landlord and Tenant Action.

Small Claims

Small claims are disputes involving money damages where the amount at issue does not exceed $8,000 excluding costs, interest and attorneys' fees.