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Forms and instructions for filing a Petition to Seal or a Petition to Expunge are available for a nominal fee from the Clerk & Comptroller's Self Service Center.

The packet contains copies of the forms that need to be filed and explains the costs involved. In addition to the filing fee, there are fees for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (F.D.L.E.) to file the documents with the State of Florida and fees for having your fingerprints taken by a local law enforcement agency. A fingerprint card is provided in the packet.

Once the appropriate forms are filed and the appropriate fees have been paid to the Clerk & Comptroller, the judge reviews the documents filed at a hearing scheduled by the court. If the judge approves the request, then an order is signed. Copies of the order are then sent to the appropriate agencies as required by Florida Statute 943.0585.

Once a case is expunged, the Clerk's office will not be able to provide any case information or copies of case documents. Certified copies must be requested and paid for prior to the case being expunged. A self-addressed, stamped envelope must also be provided.

For additional information regarding this process, please contact:

Clerk & Comptroller
Circuit Criminal Department
P.O. Box 2906
West Palm Beach, FL 33402-2906

View court orders and notices of hearing regarding the sealing and expunging of case files, posted online by order of the court.