In-person, non-essential services suspended.


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Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence

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Offices Closed for All In-Person, Non-Essential Services

Our offices are closed for non-essential, in-person services. Clerks will continue to serve customers in person who have essential business with the courts, as outlined in Administrative Order 12.510, including:

  • Injunctions for cases of domestic violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, stalking or prevention of child abuse
  • Marchman and Baker Act proceedings
  • Judicial waivers

What Will an Injunction Do for You?

  • It will legally prevent an alleged abuser from committing any further acts of violence to you.
  • It may restrain the respondent from any contact to petitioner.
  • It may restrain the respondent from going to, in or within 500 feet of petitioners residence, place of employment, place where petitioner attends school, or places petitioner or petitioner's minor child(ren) go often.
  • It may require the respondent not possess a firearm or to surrender any firearms to law enforcement.

Miscellaneous Information

As petitioner, you will be sworn under oath as to the truth of the allegations of abuse entered on your petition, under the penalty of perjury.

The court will review your petition, and based on the allegations of abuse, determine to grant or deny the Injunction. If the court grants the injunction, there will be a hearing on the extension of that injunction within 15 days from the date of issuance of the Temporary Injunction. The Clerk & Comptroller will process the Temporary Injunction to the Sheriff's Department who has jurisdiction over where the respondent may be found, for personal service.

Online Forms

Domestic, Dating, Repeat and Sexual Violence forms are available online at