The Clerk & Comptroller’s Juvenile Division is located in the Unified Family Court Department in room 3.22 of the Main Courthouse's Civil and Criminal wing. Juvenile Court hearings take place in the Juvenile wing of the Main Courthouse.

  • Juvenile delinquency cases (violations of criminal law)
  • Juvenile dependency cases (cases of child abuse, neglect, abandonment, shelter, termination of parental rights, or adoptions)
  • Cases involving termination of pregnancy of a minor (Parental Notice of Abortion Act)
  • Children In Need of Services / Families In Need of Services (for the protection and care of children, the promotion of stability in families, and provision of needed services)

Due to the confidential nature of cases involving juveniles, information will not be given over the telephone. Information regarding juvenile matters will only be made available to the juvenile, the juvenile's parents, the juvenile's or parents' attorney of record, and designated government/social service agencies.

For access to information contained in the court file, the person must appear at the Juvenile Office with photo identification.


Appeals on juvenile-dependency cases should be filed in Room 3.22 of the Main Courthouse, Civil and Criminal wing. For filing fee information, see Unified Family Court Service Charges & Fees.