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Court Services Fees

Unified Family Court

Unified Family Court - (561) 355-6511

Download the Clerk & Comptroller's guide to common court & recording fees (PDF).

Effective April 17, 2017: Registry Fees Collected At Time of Deposit

Domestic Relations Cases and General Fees Applicable to all UFC Cases
Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage $409.00
Petitions for Annulment $409.00
Petitions for Adoption $401.00
Petitions for Change of Name $401.00
Petitions for Termination of Parental Rights (Ch. 63 Florida Statutes) $401.00
All other petitions $301.00
Petitions for Modifications $50.00
Re-open fee $50.00
Filing Counterpetition, Cross-Claim or Third-Party complaint $295.00
Temporary Custody of Minor Children by Extended Family  $401.00
Notary Fee $10.00
Signing and Sealing fee $3.50
Writ of Garnishment (2 separate checks):
- Circuit Court fee $85.00
- Registry Deposit for Garnishee $103.00
Severance (granted by the court) $18.00
Sealing Record $42.00
Appeals to the 4th DCA (2 separate checks):
- Circuit Court/Unified Family Court fee $100.00
- 4th DCA $300.00
- 4th DCA for Cross Appeal (paid separately) $295.00
Preparing Record on Appeal - per pleading $3.50
Copies (per page) $1.00
Certification $2.00
Issuance of Summons $10.00
Indigency payment plan processing fee $25.00
Court Mediation Program (per person/per session):
- Parties' combined income between $50,000 - $100,000 $120.00
- Parties' combined income is $50,000 or less $60.00

Support Depository fees
Payoff Statement $25.00
Notice of Delinquency $25.00
Certificate of Delinquency/Judgment $25.00
Notice of Contest (Denied) $25.00
Copies (per page) $1.00
Certification $2.00
Driver’s License Suspension $25.00
Document Preparation for Above $7.00

Juvenile Court fees
Application fee for determination of indigency in dependency or delinquency cases for  
     appointment of Public Defender (a required counsel), whether granted or not $50.00
Petitions for Dependency (unless exempt by statute) $301.00
Petitions for Adoptions (unless exempt by statute) $401.00
Re-open case $50.00
Receipt each restitution payment $3.50

Guardianship & Mental Health fees
Baker Act (mental illness) $0.00
Formal administration; Ancillary Administration $401.00
Petition to Expedite Judicial Intervention for Medical Treatment $232.00
Guardianship of property $401.00
Guardianship of person only $236.00
Guardian of the Person and Property $401.00
Guardian Advocacy $401.00
Guardianship Settlement Claim for a Minor under $15,000 $232.00
Guardianship Settlement Claim for a Minor over $15,000 $401.00
Other Guardianship matters $401.00
Guardianship accounting audit fees, assets of $25,000 or less $20.00
Guardianship accounting audit fees, assets of $25,000.01 to $100,000 $85.00
Guardianship accounting audit fees, assets of $100,000.01 to $500,000 $170.00
Guardianship accounting audit fees, assets over $500,000 $250.00
Guardianship inventory with assets over $25,000.00 $85.00
Marchman Act (substance abuse) $0.00
Petition to Determine incapacity $232.00
Pre-need guardian, declaration $0.00
Veteran's guardianship $236.00
Voluntary guardianship $401.00
Petition for Foreign Guardian to Manage Property of non-resident (no letters issued) $232.00
Petition to Approve Settlement of Minor’s Claim $232.00

On Publications: The Clerk & Comptroller suggests that you follow Chapter 50 of the Florida Statutes when choosing a publication. The Clerk & Comptroller will accept either money orders or cashier checks only as prepayment on all pro se notices. For indigent filers, publications will appear in the Palm Beach Post pursuant to Palm Beach Administrative Order 2.104.

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