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Official Records

Electronic Distribution: Official Record Index Service

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Description of Service

This subscription-only Electronic Distribution utilizes a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service. The data made electronically available is the same information that is available interactively on the Clerk's Official Record Public Search Page. This information does not contain document images.

This service is available to the public. However, in order to establish and maintain the electronic distribution in a fashion that will continue to serve the needs of all clients, it is necessary to control access and assess a special usage fee. A user ID, password and instructions will be provided upon completion of an E-Contract and the receipt of payment for the subscription fee.

The annual subscription fee of $600 is payable December 15 of each year for the following calendar year. The cost for new subscriptions will be prorated at $50.00 per month for the months remaining in the year, beginning with the month following the request.

Upon receipt of a properly executed agreement and check for the correct amount, an Account ID and password will be e-mailed to the address specified on the agreement. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to safeguard his or her account ID and password. Multiple attempts to access the same data will result in a suspension of service privileges.

Construction and Use

This electronic distribution facility is a short-term warehouse of current and new official records index information. Daily, all documents that have been verified and moved to Public Records will be made available in a single file. These files will remain on the server for a period not less than 45 days. Subscribed clients must visit and download this information during the 45 day time period. It is suggested that daily downloads be done to avoid congestion. After files are removed from this service, they will only be available on CD-ROM.

Site construction and File layout
  • File Names: Every file constructed for down loading will have a name constructed using the Year, Month and Day of the Data, in the format of YYYYMMDD.dat. Files will contain only documents verified and released to the public record on the business day of creation.

  • File Contents: The file contains all new and edited recordings that were verified* on the business day of the construction date (see above- File Names). Each document is represented by up to five Pipe | delimited record types: Document Header, Party Record, Legal Description, Linked Document, and Document cross footing trailer. Not all record types will exist for all document types. Data for a recorded document will be placed in the file on the business day it was verified. This is true for both new recordings previously verified but currently edited recordings.

  • File Layout (modified April 1, 2007): For data descriptions and coding conventions: ftp file format

  • View a sample data file

Verification of Recorded Documents

*Verified – Data in the Official Records that have been confirmed as complete and accurate through a two-step review of each document.

“Verified as of” Date – Date that appears at the top of the Public Search screen on the Official Records Information System. This date is updated on the Official Records Information System only after all documents for a particular recording date have been verified. Therefore, documents submitted for recording after the “verified as of” date, may appear in the Official Records.

Data Gaps

Official Records documents are released for public view as they are verified and are not necessarily verified in sequential order. Therefore, FTP customers may perceive gaps in their daily download. These perceived gaps are temporary and will be filled as the remaining documents for a particular recording date are verified.

For example, we may begin verifying documents recorded on September 20 at noon on September 22 and finish verifying them at noon on September 23. The FTP download for September 22 will include all documents verified for the September 19 recording date and only some of the documents verified for the September 20 recording date. The remaining September 20 documents would be transmitted on September 23.