The Main Courthouse is open, but temperatures inside the building are warmer than usual. If you need to conduct business at the Main Courthouse, plan for warmer-than-normal temperatures. You can also visit any Clerk & Comptroller branch location, or conduct your business online.


Face Coverings Required: Anyone entering a Palm Beach County courthouse or government building must wear a face covering. Learn more about our safety measures.


CARES Act Payments: See frequently asked questions about payments. 




2019 Attorney Magistrates

  • Bendeck, Odette
  • Mazur, Davia
  • Schmidt, David
  • Taylor, Matthew

2019 Appraiser Magistrates

  • Akers, James
  • Andrea, Pamela
  • Autrey, Terry
  • Callaway, Robert
  • Chapin, David
  • Conway, David
  • Dodier, Leo
  • Gore Jr., Robert
  • Gray, Harvel
  • Griffin, Daniel
  • Hunter, Robert
  • Marder, Sherry
  • Marrongelli, Chris
  • Martin, Michael
  • Mesner, Robert
  • Sarley, Donald
  • Schmidt, Stephen
  • Tarkoe, Zillah
  • Wolfe, Brian