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Bidders are solely responsible for thoroughly researching the properties for which they intend to bid. The Clerk makes no representations or warranties as to the condition of the properties being sold, including whether properties are subject to any liens, encumbrances, or taxes.

Properties located within common interest communities, such as gated communities, condominium associations, and cooperatives may be subject to certain covenants including MANDATORY CLUB MEMBERSHIPS requiring an initial membership equity fee and annual dues. These fees can be significant and are in addition to the purchase price paid to the clerk at the auction. It is the bidders’ sole responsibility to determine whether properties are subject to any covenants, conditions, or restrictions, including mandatory club memberships, prior to placing their bid. The Clerk sells properties pursuant to statute or court order and does not have information regarding encumbrances. Bidders should consult with an attorney or title company regarding any restrictions or mandatory memberships to which properties may be subject.