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General Fees

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These fees apply to various services throughout the Clerk & Comptroller's office. Use the menu on the left to view specific fees for different areas of the Clerk's office.

Service Fee
Authenticated/exemplified certificates $7.00
Bond approval $8.50
Certified / registered mailing fee varies
Certifying copies: per instrument $2.00
Copies before filing: per page $0.15
Copies larger than 8 ½" x 14", per page $5.00
Copies of any instrument, other than photographic $6.00
Copies up to and including 8 ½" x 14" per page $1.00
Copies of subdivision / road plats per page (24x36") $5.00
Copies of other official records per page $1.00
Copy of court minutes per page $5.00
Making microfilm copies, 16mm, 100 ft roll $42.00
Making microfilm copies, 35mm, 100 ft roll $60.00
Microfiche (Court only), per fiche $3.50
Non-Sufficient Funds up to $50 $25.00
Non-Sufficient Funds $50.01 - $300 $30.00
Non-Sufficient Funds $300.01 and over (or 5% of the amount of the check) $40.00
Notary fee $10.00
Pro Hac Vice fee $100
Registry of court fee: first $500 3%
Registry of court fee, each subsequent $100 1.5%
Restitution payments, per payment $3.50
Seal or expunge any record $42.00
Search per year - per name - per legal description $2.00
Severance granted charge $18.00
Subpoena, processing of out of state $4.00
Subpoena, preparing and issuing $7.00
Subpoenas, signing and sealing $2.00
Oath, administering, attesting, and sealing $3.50
Validating certificates $3.50
Venire facias, issuing $5.00
Verifying any instrument presented for certification prepared by someone other than Clerk, per page $3.00
Witnesses, paying of and making and reporting payrolls of jurors to state comptroller, per page, per copy $5.00
Writ of garnishment $85.00
Writing any paper other than herein specifically mentioned, same as for copying including signing and sealing $7.00
Sheriff's fee, per service (payable to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office) $40.00