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Docketing/Filing FAQ

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Circuit Civil - (561) 355-2986

  • Docketing/Filing - 1. Definitions

    • What is a default?

    • What is a judgment?

    • What is a pleading?

    • What is a summons?

    • What is a writ of execution?

    • What is docketing?

  • Docketing/Filing - 2. Lawsuit Case Files (Circuit Civil)

    • How long do you keep records?

    • What information can be used to search records?

    • What types of lawsuits are filed in Circuit Civil court?

    • Where can I find court files and pleadings for my case?

  • Docketing/Filing - 3. Legal Actions/Forms

    • How can I file a pleading today, if I can’t be at the clerk’s office until after 4:00 p.m?

    • How do I get a Writ of Execution issued? Do I have to request a form?

    • How do I request a default? Do I have to complete a form?

    • What happens if I receive a summons and do nothing about it?

    • Why did I not receive my copy of the original pleading back, after I sent you the original and a copy of the original?

  • Docketing/Filing - 4. Fees