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Small Claims FAQ

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Small Claims - (561) 355-2500

  • Small Claims - 1. General Information

    • Can I reduce my claim to $8,000 in order to bring a small claims case?

    • Do I need an attorney?

    • Who may file a claim or have a claim filed against them?

  • Small Claims - 2. Filing the Claim

    • How do I file my case?

    • What does it cost to file a small claims case?

    • What is the statute of limitations?

    • Where do I file my case?

  • Small Claims - 3. After the Case is Filed

    • Can I have a jury trial on my small claims case?

    • What do I do if the judgment is paid?

    • What happens after I file my small claims case?

  • Small Claims - 4. Appeals and Relief from Court Decisions

    • How long do I have to file?

    • What is an appeal?

  • Small Claims - 5. Fees