Property Fraud Alert FAQ

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  • Property Fraud Alert

    • Can I include a middle name when entering a name to be monitored?

    • Can I sign up even if I don't own property in Palm Beach County?

    • Does this service alert me of documents being recorded in other counties?

    • How are people committing fraud in this way?

    • How can I sign up for this service?

    • How do I change or cancel my Property Fraud Alert subscription?

    • How does this monitoring system work?

    • I received an alert - now what? How can I view the document?

    • If I have a common name, what will distinguish my alerts from another person’s?

    • Is any special hardware or software needed to sign up online?

    • What documents do I need to gather before signing up for this service?

    • What is Property Fraud Alert?

    • Why do fraudulent documents get recorded?