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Records Research & Copies FAQ

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Records Research & Copies - (561) 355-2932

  • Public Records - 1. Official Records Search

    • How can I obtain an “Apostille” (document authentication)?

    • How can I search for a document in the Official Record Books of Palm Beach County?

    • How can I search Official Records for other Florida counties?

    • How do I get an affidavit from the Clerk & Comptroller’s office?

    • How do I get copies of documents from Official Records or Court Records?

    • How long will it take to get copies of documents?

    • I got the error message "Application Blocked by Java Security." What do I do?

    • What information is used to search the Clerk & Comptroller’s official records of Palm Beach County online?

    • Where can I find the Official Record Book and Page number of a recorded document?

    • Why can’t I find a document in the Official Record Index online?

    • Why would I need to obtain a certified ‘copy’ of an original document?

  • Public Records - 2. Fees

    • Do you accept credit cards for payment of your fees?

    • What are the fees for obtaining records and other services?

    • Why do I have to pay $1 or more per page for copies?

  • Public Records - 3. Marriage & Divorce Records/Name Changes

    • What document is required to get my name changed after I am married or divorced?

    • Why can’t I find my marriage/divorce in the Official Records Index?

  • Public Records - 4. Deeds/Mortgages

    • How can I view a mortgage note online?

    • How do I change the names on my deed?

    • When do I get my deed after I paid off my mortgage?

  • Public Records - 5. Property

  • Public Records - 6. Surveys

    • Why can’t I find my survey in the Official Records?

  • Public Records - 7. Fictitious Name

  • Public Records - 8. Birth/Death Certificates

  • Public Records - 9. Transcripts of Court Hearings and Trials