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Divorce FAQ

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Divorce - (561) 355-6511

  • Divorce - 1. With Children

    • What is the Parent Stabilization Course?

  • Divorce - 2. Simplified

    • Are we required to have an attorney?

    • How long will it take for my divorce to become final?

    • What are the requirements that must be met for a simplified divorce?

    • What does it cost to file for a simplified divorce?

    • What happens after the judge signs the Final Judgment?

    • What information do we need to bring with us to file with the court?

    • What is a simplified divorce?

    • Where can we file a Petition for Simplified Dissolution?

    • Where do we get the forms to file a Petition for Simplified Dissolution?

  • Divorce - 3. Mediation

    • What cases can be mediated?

    • What is family mediation?

    • What is mediation?

    • Why is mediation used?

  • Divorce - 4. Divorce Records

    • How can I obtain copies of my divorce records?